Aubout The system

Initially, we developed ITFin as a system for the tasks of our own outsourcing company.

That is why we tried to make it as functional, automated, and simply convenient as possible. After several years of testing and improving, we have turned it into a separate product that helps tech companies reduce costs and accelerate growth.

Why are we here?
Our mission  

Our mission is to become the automation standard for IT companies and startups. Create the most functional and convenient solution, and not turn into a soulless corporation, but maintain a human and personal approach to our customers.

The main steps
in our history


Start of system development


Release of the first version with basic
but powerful functionality


We are already an all-in-one solution
used by 4 large companies


We are officially entering the market
as a highly competitive product


We have more than 50+ corporate clients
from 17 countries

2024 +

The beginning of global expansion

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