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список членів команди


Financial module allows you to automate processes related to invoicing, payroll, financial reports, documentation, time tracking, and reporting.

Automatically calculate and pay salaries

Control inefficient costs and profitability

Make a long-term Cash Flow forecast

Reduce the risk of errors to almost 0

More than 140+ other useful features

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Easily and quickly manage key metrics, allocate resources, and track working progress.

Employee employment calendar

Time and task tracking

Selection by skills and experience

Analysis of user performance

More than 86+ other useful features

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HR and recruiting

Everything you need to effectively manage
your team and expand it

Detailed employee cards

Automatic parsing of candidates from job sites

Ready-made onboarding templates

Efficiency and productivity analytics

More than 70+ other useful features

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Clients and projects

Increase the efficiency and profitability of your business with our client and project management module

Systematize all data in one place

Get instant metrics and reports

Monitor the status of receivables

Analyze P&L

More than 45+ other useful features

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About us

 Optimize your processes with ITFin - unleash the power of your business!

One unified space for all data, processes, and people
Run all the departments of your IT company from a single space, with no time wasted on hunting for information or sorting it out.
Chaos reduction and
results acceleration
Uncover and fix performance issues of your company in real-time online mode, so you can always stay one step ahead.
Significant time
and resource saving
Say goodbye to the unnecessary efforts and
expenses that was before
Deep Analytics
in a real time
Dive into new exciting projects and developments, boost efficiency, and reap more profits without getting bogged down in tedious routine tasks.

our metrics

Trust the facts - let our numbers speak for themselves

Daily users
$ 55,7 mln
Accounted in ITFin
years reported

More than 150+

We have integrations with the most popular services аor financeі, delivery, HR, recruiting, and more. As well as with self-development systems 

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and make sure it's really easy to use

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With other

Our system allows you to avoid the need to purchase any additional programs and tools.



Created specifically for IT companies

No profile

No profile


Has all the processes that exist in IT companies

Functionality of spreadsheets

Only financial functions

How to start

Does not require special knowledge, you can start right away

Requires special training

Requires special training

Individual settings

Setup individually for you

There are no settings

It is carried out by third-party companies and is expensive

Data security

We store data on Amazon servers in Germany

Vulnerable, because all data can be obtained by hacking mail

The data is not protected, because 1C is a Russian development

Access to information

Access is flexibly adjusted for each employee

Everyone has equal access to all information

Distribution of accesses is limited, not flexible


Modern, convenient, thoughtful

Understandable for basic needs

Outdated and complicated


Permanent support and a personal manager

Have no support

Have no support

Modification of functionality individually for you

We can develop custom solutions

Do not do

Do not do

frequently asked questions

ITFin is a sure step toward effective business

Do you provide a trial period for your product?
Sure, we can provide you with 14-day access to the demo version of the system to personally examine it
How do you keep your data secure?
We securely store your data on Amazon's secure servers in Frankfurt, Germany, guaranteeing its confidentiality, and back it up daily to servers in Copenhagen for additional protection.
What size of companies is ITFin suitable for?
ITFin is useful for both small and large companies. Our customers range from 40 to 800+ employees, all of whom benefit greatly from our system.
Is it possible to customize the functionality specifically for me?
Our system is always being customized to meet the needs of each client, yet we also have a development department that can create functionality specifically tailored to your business.
How do you provide support for your clients?
Each client has a personal manager and quick access to our support department, which guarantees a response to a request no later than 30 minutes.
Is it possible to host on our own server?
Fortunately, we do provide this option. Please contact our team to discuss details and learn more about the self-hosting possibilities, or check more on this link.

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